Blowing machines

Serie O

It can have a single or double head. It also has a station designed to manufacture sight glass containers. Equipped with automatic conveyor belt and leak detector for quality control.

Serie P

It is recommended to produce sight glass containers, for example, motor oil containers. They can process different materials: PE, PP, PVC, PET, acrylic and resins, among others.

Serie L

The blowing machine has been designed to produce long and large containers, for example, water tanks, chemical drums, barrels, and automotive components. These machines are equipped with an accumulator in the head and a multipoint comparison control. The movements of the mold are perpendicular to facilitate the production of different models of containers.

Serie A

High-performance blowing machine fully suitable for producing containers and packages for frozen products, as well as small and detailed containers. They have a double head and blowing system.

Serie H

Automatic blow molding machines, with horizontal movement. They are recommended to produce containers such as motor oil bottles. It has four sliding bars for the mold and holding columns. Made in Germany.

Serie I

This machine is designed for long products with different shapes, for example, toolboxes, tanks or water containers, drums, and components for automobiles. They are equipped with an accumulator type head, with control of a multipoint comparison system. Its mobile mechanisms facilitate the replacement of molds.

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