The SPARK series of all-electric injection molding machines are a marvel of modern technology, combined with high performance, rock-solid stability and reliability in an extraordinarily affordable package.

It has a patented high-response servo system with advanced high-speed computer control, which allows it to provide high levels of response that go from 0 to 2000 rpm in less than 30 ms! Ten times faster than a conventional electric machine on the market Chinese!

In addition, the computer controller makes real-time adjustments to the movement of the screw, which allows it to detect movements that can cause the accumulation of internal stresses in the part, allowing it to have greater performance and fewer rejections.

Featuring a “Floating Point Toggle” design that returns to the rigid spindle system a soft “shock absorber” inherent to a hydraulic system, eliminating mechanical shock and vibration, resulting in noise-reduced operation and ensuring smooth mechanical movements.

An “All-adapt” electric machine that provides a very wide application window, that is, it allows you to make everything from an ultra-thin part that requires speed and ultra-fast response, to larger parts that require solid stability in low speed and conditions, prolonged high pressure.

High-precision 23-bit 8M ppr encoder ensures ultra-high positional accuracy.

“From a little spark may burst a flame.” -Dante

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